Jennifer is a skilled adult companion in the San Francisco Bay Area offering  luxurious adult companionship and connection to other adults. Jennifer's companionship skills are finely honed. When you book an appointment with Jennifer she is quick to respond and eager to meet. Jennifer is comfortable being your travel companion, intimate companion, sacred companion, girlfriend companion, adult companion or dinner date.

Dates, Times, Duration:  Let me know when you would like to see me and for what length of time.  Give me a choice of two or three dates and times and let me choose.  Keep in mind that I'm available during the day and some evenings but I'm not available at a moment's notice.  Afford me the same respect and consideration that you would any professional service provider.


Privacy: Our time together is sacred and I treat it that way.  Nothing breaches the walls of my studio.  That way you and I have a safe container in which to explore ideas - everything from the most mundane to the most intimate.  My discretion and my attention to privacy is above reproach.  Make sure yours is the same.


References: Please include references early in the process.  Understand that as a prospective client and fellow adventurer it is your responsibility to take exquisite care of yourself so don't divulge things you're not comfortable revealing.  Do divulge something that I can use so that we have performed our due diligence to the best of our abilities. If you don't have a reference or are unwilling to provide one please know that I respect your decision.  I do not see new clients without some form of a reference.  There are many ways of fulfilling this requirement.  Just ask me if you have questions or are in need of some tips to help you navigate your way through the reference process.


Canceling:  Cancellations are inevitable but oftentimes they become an impediment.  When you confirm an appointment we’ve entered into an agreement.  If you must cancel, please make sure that you do so at least 48 hours in advance if you can.  At the very least 24 hours is acceptable.  But short-notice cancellations serve only to break down the foundation we are building.   If you cancel twice (with ample notice) and reschedule a third time I will ask for a show of good faith in the form of an advance donation.  In the spirit of gentle yet forthright communication, I must let you know that If you have to reschedule or cancel more than twice I will respectfully decline further requests for an appointment.  I think you'll agree that's a fair and balanced policy.


Presentation: I will have spent time and effort creating a luxuriously appointed space in which we will experience one another.  Part of that is my attention to my personal grooming and my choice of clothing.  Please know that I do place importance on how you choose to present yourself.  Take some time to consider your grooming and clothing prior to our time together.