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As I was riding today I saw this on a bumper sticker.  I hadn’t seen it before and I smiled big as I rode by.  I was remembering the times when I had done just that and boy did my voice shake.  It’s an unsettling feeling in the midst of talking to folks.  It happens to me when I’m speaking my opinion when I know it’s not shared by the others that I’m speaking to.  And it also happens sometimes when I’m deep in conversation - having a spanda moment with someone.  Do you ever get that?  Where you are talking or listening and that same shaky voice thing over takes you and still you speak on because you know in your heart that it’s important.  That happens more often than I admit.  It happens a lot when I’m talking to a flient (that’s friend/client - my word for folks who visit me in a professional capacity) and we’re especially deeply engaged.  It also happens a lot when I’m studying in Seattle with my teacher.  Those precious moments when things come into clear, pristine focus and understanding dawns.  It’s then that I remember to take a deep breath - to breathe in the effect of that moment and save it to access again when I want it.


Thank you Maggie Kuhn.  Much like my teacher, you’ve captured a vast and immense concept with an economy of words.