Jennifer is a skilled adult companion in the San Francisco Bay Area offering  luxurious adult companionship and connection to other adults. Jennifer's companionship skills are finely honed. When you book an appointment with Jennifer she is quick to respond and eager to meet. Jennifer is comfortable being your travel companion, intimate companion, sacred companion, girlfriend companion, adult companion or dinner date.

  • As a Tantric, Sacred, Luxury Companion I hold high regard for the mindful tending of our shared desire and I possess an exacting knowledge of my craft.

    Sensuality, connection, awareness, breadth of service, passionate skill...these are the things that you can expect during your time with me.

    Since massage is a one-way exchange I prefer not to offer it. Instead, I focus on mutual embodiment practices and techniques that we engage in together.

    I invite you to take time to peruse my site and discover for yourself if sacred, luxury companionship is something you desire.

    - Learn more about me and what Sacred, Luxurious Companionship is all about

    - How to connect with me quickly and without the need for an intake form

    - What I mean by Social Capital

    I'm eager to connect with you,


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  • Sacred Intimacy is rooted in the rich history of magic and alchemy that speaks that language - one that is luxuriously mysterious, powerfully rendered and recalling the ancient craft of the sacred companion. My practice speaks to the past but carries our shared experience to the pinnacle of the highest art of companionship. It hearkens back to the mysteries of thousands of years of study, discovery and artful application, and gathers that legacy to a renewed modernist appraisal of the futurist art of Sacred Intimacy. Skilled sacred companionship as richly layered as our expression in the magical alchemy of the marvelously detailed escapades that we create.

    Pleasure is my watchword. It is the key to successful endeavors. Pleasure can captivate you and help to reveal your desires. I want to elevate pleasure to the place that it deserves since it can be so often co-opted by the cares and needs of this life. Pursuing pleasure is a lofty goal. It requires us to love ourselves enough to seek out pleasurable experiences and act on them - to show up for our Self and practice radical self-care. Since that's the premise on which I live my life and practice sensual connection can you imagine where we can go together? I blend my talents and expertise into a mix that is specifically and extraordinarily designed for you and then together we create our passionate interlude.

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  • I celebrate companionship in the form of shared erotic connection. I support it with words, practices and finely tuned skills. I am about experiencing sensuality with others that share with me a thirst for that sometimes elusive opportunity to take time and make room for shared, erotic experiences - those, sensual, pleasurable things that we desire to experience in a safe and intimate environment.

    You may be wondering how this differs from a traditional companion experience or even if it differs at all. The answer is yes it can differ greatly from the traditional. And no since it can also look exactly the same. Explaining it can be tricky but here's how I think of it: I am an expert in the art of pleasurable, sensual, erotic, connective exploration and I'm eager to share what I've learned about it with you. I am your guide into the realm of the healing power of pleasure. Maybe you are seeking an encounter in order to experience more joy and pleasure. Perhaps you would like to become more emotionally comfortable with your own sexuality. I offer traditional companionship service to adults that are looking for a nourishing oasis away from the mundane. I offer your opportunity to connect skin-on-skin with another loving human being.

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  • I think of myself as refined, authentic, good-natured, and approachable. I love to be made love to and be as intimately connected as one can be - completely encompassing my body, mind and spirit. Those who know me say I am elegant and intelligent with just the right amount of flirtatiousness and a wicked sense of humor.

    You are the type of person who craves heart-centered, authentic, deep connection with a professional and skilled companion and has grown weary of superficial inauthentic encounters with escorts. You are also the type of person that desires to expand your awareness and refine your skills in the realm of the sensual and erotic arts. You appreciate the experience, wisdom and skill of a talented companion.

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  • Things won are done; joy's soul lies in the doing.

    William Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida, Act 1, Scene 2

    Fundamentally, social capital is about how we interact with each other; how we focus on social relationships that can then produce productive benefits. It’s about how we engender goodwill toward one another - especially when we are exploring the realm of Sacred Companionship. It’s important to offer information, gain influence and build solidarity so that it can be made available before engaging in an intimate encounter. In the world of Companionship those resources are highly valued by individuals involved in the pursuit of pleasure. This list is here to help you and I develop social capital with one another prior to meeting in person..

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  • I am reviewed; however some of those reviews do not currently reflect the scope of my offerings as they have evolved to this point. Like any other profession that is as dynamic as this one I have grown more and more adept at my craft. Like the old adage says: "Seeing is believing". I invite you to come and experience the true art of the Sacred, Luxury Companion as I offer it. I do ask that if you are moved to record and submit your experience with me that you forward it to me directly and nowhere else. Every so often, an individual will request them and it is those reviews that I receive that will be forwarded - privately. Setting a safe container in which we can explore things that are by nature confidential suggests that safeguarding the details of our shared, erotic, sacred experiences keeps them exactly where they belong - between us.

    Some of the comments I have recently received from clients include:
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  • My suggested donation is $500 per hour. Donations are gladly accepted as an appearance fee only and will never be accepted as an exchange for services. Your donation is not negotiable and only accepted for companionship. Money exchanged is simply for time and companionship ONLY. Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. This is not an offer of, and/or for solicitation. I do reserve the right to decline appointments when I deem necessary.

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  • Let’s enjoy one another…mindfully, erotically, sensually, openly. I am fond of intelligent, respectful and worthwhile relationships. I am also fond of long, leisurely sessions that allow us time to explore the richness of our shared experience. I welcome spacious time with you and I’m open to the possibilities of long-term explorations crafted specifically for you. Let's discuss our preferences so that we can tailor a session to your specific desires.

    I am typically available Monday through Friday beginning at 10am. I end my workday at 9pm. Extended appointments are available with advanced planning. I am located in NOBE - North Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville. There is plenty of easy and free parking very near my studio.

    By now you've reviewed my website and you have a sense of what I offer and who I am and you want to take the next step.

    You are welcome to use my secure appointment request form by clicking on the link below. I have complete control over where the form is sent and who sees it. I have coded the form myself and it goes directly to my encrypted email address and nowhere else. At no time is your information compromised or seen by anyone but me. I've made sure of it. Your privacy and mine are paramount in these perilous times in our nation's history so I have taken the necessary steps to help keep our encounter private and secure.

    You may choose to contact me at my encrypted email address ( instead of my appointment request form. Please remember that your email should include these essentials:

    * Your name

    * A phone number that I can use to reach you

    * The best time to reach you

    * The references that you would like to share with me

    * When you'd like to meet and the duration of our time together

    * What drew you to me

    I am looking forward to meeting you and connecting deeply and with intention and integrity.

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  • My blog is where I express my thoughts and feelings. It’s here where you can get a sense of who I am and the topics that I’m passionate about.

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  • I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am available for incall for local appointments and outcall for all else. I travel throughout the country and abroad. I consider myself an excellent travel companion as I have a passion for understanding the world at large and I feel that the way to do that is to explore other cultures.

    Airfare, appropriate accommodations and travel expenses are obligations that are to be met by you in addition to your offering. With your deposit I prefer to make my own travel arrangements in First or Business Class for International Travel and Economy Plus for travel within the US.
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